Michelangelo and the Sistine Chapel

2nd Grade learned about how Michelangelo painted the sistine chapel.  They watched and discussed the video below, and then got to work creating their own masterpieces underneath the table!  They learned how tough it was for Michelangelo to spend all that time painting the ceiling above him.  There was a lot of “My arms are…

Ndebele Wall Painting

  In 6th grade, we talked about the Ndebele culture and their famous wall paintings. Women in their society have come to be thought of as the custodians of isikhethu (“that which is ours”) which consists of the relationships, beliefs and practices on which the very identity of the Ndebele identity is centered. Our 6th…


This week 7th grade learned about Mandalas! We talked about how radial symmetry is symmetry ALL the way around! Instead of drawing our Mandala first, then color, we did the opposite! And that was the trick.  Learning how to turn our mistakes into masterpieces was a struggle. But I think these are coming out amazing!

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This is the official Art Page for St. Patrick School in Gainesville, FL.  We will be highlighting all the every day activities of our very creative Elementary and Middle School students!