CARD Art Show

This weekend I got to show off some of the amazing artwork our Morningstar students have been doing in the Art Room.  Morningstar started last year, and is a program for both Elementary and Middle School students who are Neuro-Disabled.  The Elementary Program is run by Ms. Vuto, and Middle School is run by Ms. Riddel.

We have been so lucky to have CARD (Center for Autism and Related Disabilities) in our school to help with all of our Morningstar students.   Thanks to Dr. Liso, our CARD representative, I was able to learn about this Art Show!

Throughout the year we have been working hard to get our students motor skills at a level appropriate for them.  Whether it’s using scissors, coloring in the lines, or drawing correct shapes.  I have been so proud of our Morningstar Students success, that I could not wait to show off their achievements!

There is another art show May 8th at The Hippodrome where I will be featuring our Morningstar Students work.

And if you’d like to watch me talk about the importance of Neuro-diversity in the classroom, here is a“>video!


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