Celebrating Autism in the Arts

Our school has been so lucky to have support from CARD and Dr. Liso when it comes to our Morningstar students.

When Dr. Liso told me she was hosting an Art show for people with disabilities, I HAD to have my students work there!

So Monday night after school, with help from Ms. Vuto (Our Elementary Morningstar Teacher), we set up our students work and prepared for a night with some amazing people.

I was not prepared for how full my heart would be after that night. It was extraordinary to see this group of talented people thriving and showcasing their special view of the world.

At the end of the night I volunteered to sit on a Panel to answer questions about working with ASD students.  I’m glad I got to share my story and views, but listening to everyone else was an eye opening experience. I got to listen not just to their struggles, but to the struggles of their parents! The fear they have for their sons or daughters with ASD going into the “real world”.

And that’s when I realized how important our Morningstar program is at St. Pats.  Not just because we are making a home for students with disabilities, but because we are building a community of gen. ed. kids who understand these students with ASD, and will bring that empathy and compassion and understanding into the adult world.

I am so proud of my students!!


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