What Do We Do Here?

St. Patrick Interparish School in Gainesville, FL hosts a Visual Art program lead by Ms. Ciaccio for grades K-8. Elementary students attend Art class 45 minutes each week.  Middle School students attend Art 90 minutes each week. Throughout their years at St. Pat’s, students are taught about the Elements of Art and Principles of Design.  Art History and Constructive Criticism are stressed throughout the course.

St. Patrick School emphasizes Respect, Religion, and Responsibility in all aspects of learning.  But how do we do that in the Art Room?

  • We are taught Respect by….
    • …taking care of our materials.
    • …providing constructive criticism to our classmates.
    • …learning empathy by putting ourselves in the shoes of other Artists when looking at their work.
  • We are taught Responsibility by…
    • …cleaning up after ourselves
    • …putting our work in a place where we will find it.
    • …leaving the Art Room looking good!
  • We are taught Religion by….
    • …learning about the symbolism in Religious pieces of Art
    • …working on projects about our Faith
    • …helping our classmates who may be struggling