Why Do I Need Art?

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Why do I need Art?  It’s a question I hear from time to time and, honestly, I love hearing it!  It challenges me to look at what I’m doing in the classroom and make sure it has the students best interests at heart. The question also gives me the opportunity to (hopefully) change someone’s perspective about the importance of the arts! (And I mean all Arts. Not just visual.)

Because our society is becoming much more visual, creative jobs in the marketplace are rising.  It also means that in a 21st Century world, our students will have to be flexible, resourceful, and open to change… that is where an art education comes in!

The arts help students learn how to think outside the box. To creatively problem solve. The arts teach students how to make positive qualitative judgements.  Whereas most subjects teach only what is right or wrong, the arts help students navigate the grey areas and realize that some problems really can have more than one solution!

Art teaches students how to say what may be too hard to say. It forces students to look inside themselves and effectively communicate their ideas to the world. The Arts give students a safe emotional outlet. In fact, students in Art Programs are 44% more likely not to use drugs than their non-art educated peers.

But my most favorite reason is Art is Fun! 

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